Sitemap – How To Create And Add XML Sitemap On Blogger 2022

Learn How To Generate And Add Sitemap On Blogger

This article will show you exactly how you can generate or Create a Sitemap.XML and add it to Blogger or WordPress website. Thus, at the end of the article, you will be able to create and Add XML Sitemap on Blogger or Blogspot website. Thus, if you are using Blogspot and you want to Generate a Sitemap for your blog, you can easily do that after reading this special article.

What Is A Sitemap?

We can simply say or call it Sitemap. It plays an important role on every website. With sitemap Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and other search engines can crawl and index your website on their engines. With that, you can be able to get a large number of visitors from these search engines, especially Google and Bing.

According to an article on Medium, there are more than 10.5 billion searches on Google every day.

Only by using a sitemap will you show search engines what your website contains.  This means that every website must have a sitemap to appear in search engines.

Types of Sitemap

There are many types of sitemaps, but the ones that are most used in blogger are:

  1. Posts Sitemaps
  2. Category Sitemaps
  3. Tags Sitemaps
  4. Page Sitemaps
  5. Video Sitemaps
  6. Location Sitemaps

Post Sitemaps

Post sitemaps are types of sitemaps on blogger and WordPress that show all the post information for a website. They show the number of images for each post, the last modified date, and the link to each post.

Page Sitemaps

Page Sitemaps are also a type of sitemap which shows the information on any page on a website. For example like About us page,  contact us page, privacy policy page, terms and conditions, and other pages of a website.

Category Sitemaps

Category Sitemaps is one the main part of Sitemaps of a website. They contain all the categories of a website which use to describe to search engines what a website is all about. Thus, with categories or labels of a website you can easily find the niche of a website.

Location Sitemaps

A business or personal website (blog) must have a location. And also, this location is part of Sitemap with KML extension. A location Sitemap contains location information of a website like a Phone number, working days and hours, address, price range, zip code, and many more.

Tags Sitemaps

On a website like WordPress, there are post tags. A tag on a post shows some words that are related to a post. With post tags, you can easily classify each post on a website. In short, they are just like categories or labels on a website.

Video Sitemaps

Video Sitemaps are part of Sitemaps on a website. And also, they played an important role in the SEO ranking of a website. In addition, you can have this type of Sitemap only if you have added or embedded some videos on your website. With video Sitemap, you can increase your search visibility on Google and other search engines. In conclusion, a video Sitemap contains information about videos added to your website by uploading or embedding from other websites.

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Importance of a Sitemap on a Website

These are the importance of Sitemap on a website you must know as a blogger.

  1. Identify the Category of your Business or Blog
  2. Increase your visibility on Google
  3. Increase your rankings on search engines
  4. Index your links on Search engines

How to Add Sitemap in WordPress

Adding a Sitemap on WordPress is easier than adding a Sitemap on Blogger. To add a Sitemap to your WordPress website you just need to install an SEO Plugin. It will automatically generate and add to your Sitemap.

You can use RankMath SEO Plugin, All In One SEO, or Yoast SEO to generate the Sitemap for you on WordPress.

How To Create a Sitemap For Blogger

To create a sitemap for your Blogger website, Go to it will automatically generate a sitemap for your Blogspot website.

How To Add Sitemap On Blogger

To add a sitemap on your blogger, Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Crawlers and Indexing > Enable Custom Robots.txt and upload your robots.txt file.

Here is a robot.txt code for a blogger. Click here to learn How to Add Robots.txt on Blogger.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


How To Check The Sitemap Of Your Website

Sitemap How To Create And Add Sitemap XML Sitemap On Blogger

If you are using WordPress or Blogger, you can easily check your Sitemap by visiting


How Do I Make a Sitemap

You can easily make a sitemap by adding /sitemap.xml to your website address. You can also make a new Sitemap using the Sitemap generator tool.

Is Sitemap an Important to SEO?

Yes, sitemap plays an important role in the SEO development of a website for both Off-page and on-page SEO. With Sitemap, you can increase the visibility of your website on search engines.

What is Sitemap and Types?

Sitemap helps search engine bots understand what a website is all about. And the six types of sitemaps are Category Sitemaps, Tag Sitemaps, Location Sitemaps, Video Sitemaps, Post Sitemaps, and Page Sitemaps.

How Many Sitemaps Should a Site Have?

One sitemap is okay for a website. Because you can’t have duplicate sitemaps on a single website.

Where Is a Sitemap Located?

You can easily locate the sitemap of your website by adding /sitemap.xml to the domain. For example,, with this you can locate the sitemap of any website.

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