How To Fix Low-Value Content In AdSense 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for How to Fix Low-Value Content in AdSense? Do you want to fix a low-value content issue in AdSense? Thus, this article will help you know what is low-value content and how to fix the problem in your Adsense.

You Need To Fix Low-Value Content

After creating a successful website, the next thing is to monetize the blog with one of the best ad networks that pay. In this way, a blogger can earn a lot of income to pay for himself. You will need to save money for hosting renewal, domain renewal, and the cost of buying some useful WordPress plugins.

In this case, Google AdSense is the best Ad Network which publishers can earn a lot of money through. but the fact is that; google AdSense has strong rules that make it difficult for many people to get approval. And also, there are many reasons why Google AdSense rejects a website, one of the main reasons for rejection is low-value content. In fact, Google Adsense doesn’t monetize or approve websites with low-value content.

You might ask; So, what is low-value content, and how do you identify a website with low-value content? and how to solve the problem of low-value content or How to Fix Low-Value Content in AdSense?

Low-Value Content In AdSense

In AdSense low-value content means your website has no value with a bad user experience. It might be low-value or thin content, short posts, or scrapped content from other websites. Furthermore, having a theme may also lead to low-value content problems in AdSense.

Accordingly, when you apply for Google AdSense and sadly disapprove because of Low-Value Content. Thus, you need to check your post and ensure that there are no short posts, thin content, or any other scrapped content. And also, you need to check your website’s user experience. What is User Experience?

Furthermore, using a Bad UX theme can also cause low-value content problems in Google AdSense. Therefore, you need to use the best theme for AdSense approval, which are called ‘AdSense Friendly’ themes or templates.

Broken links and spammy links can also result in low-value content problems in AdSense. Thus, ensure that your posts are not linking to 404 pages on the internet. As well, check all your external links (dofollow), if you have gotten a website with high spam score, then you need to remove that website and re-apply.

Causes Of Low-Value Content In AdSense

These are the causes or problems which cause low-value content in AdSense.

  1. Website Theme
  2. Thin Posts
  3. Low Number of Posts
  4. Scrapped Contents
  5. Boken Links
  6. Bad User Experience
  7. Generated Posts Using AI

Website Theme

Before creating a website you need to choose the best theme or template for your website. Thus, there are some themes that are not compatible with Google AdSense or any other advertisement network. Some themes or templates are only made for an e-commerce website that doesn’t require any Ad-network approval. Therefore, before choosing a theme for your blog you need to check the Google AdSense-friendly theme before using it on your blog.

Thin Post

A thin Post means a post that has minimal requirements, with no media attached to it, and has a lot of grammatical errors. This is the main reason why people get low-value content responses from Google AdSense. Therefore, you need a high-quality post with at least not less than 400 words per post.

Low Number of Posts

You can get rejected by Google AdSense if you have not reached the required number of posts needed by AdSense on your blog. And also, if you haven’t provided a high number of posts, you might get disapproved by Google AdSense with the issue of Low-Value Content. Therefore, you need to have at least 25-30 posts to avoid low-value content problems.

Scrapped Contents

Google is not a fool, it can easily detect copied content on your blog. Therefore, to get AdSense approval on your site, you must work hard. That is, you must provide high-quality content on your site, in all ways, content is king. Scrapped Contents are contents that are copied from other websites.

Broken Links

Broken links are also known as 404 pages, they are pages that are not existing. A broken link can occur when a post has been deleted or changed the URL. Therefore, if you are linking to a page, and later got deleted, it will become a broken link, and Google AdSense will consider this as Low-value content. Because you are linking to pages that don’t exist on the internet. Furthermore, you can learn how to find broken links on Blogger.

Bad Use Experience

A Bad User Experience in AdSense means your website is not Performing well for your visitors. A Bad User Experience can be low website speed, using a bad theme, poor website navigation, using a higher font size, using a small font size that will be very hard for your visitors to read, and using disturbing pop-ups on the website. In addition, you can learn how to make a good user-experience website.

Generated Posts Using AI

Generated Posts are posts generated using Artificial Intelligence. In short, it’s a simple way that people use to write content on their blogs without suffering or paying for content writers. Google doesn’t allow websites that are using generated posts from AI. Even on search engines, Google is not ranking those websites that generated their content from AI. Thus, it’s one of the major causes of a low-value content problem in Google AdSense. In fact, if you are generating content from AI, you will never be approved by Google AdSense.

How To Fix Low-Value Content

Update Your Posts

When your application has been rejected by Google AdSense, and the problem is low-value content; the first thing you need to do is to check and update your old posts. You need to check the post length, uniqueness, links, and rich media. If your post’s length is not up to 400-500 words, then you need to add some important information to the posts and update them. Likewise, check for categories, tags, and thumbnails, are they all normal? If it’s OK, then you’ve fixed this problem, you will just need to check for other problems. Learn more on How to Fix Low-Value Content in AdSense now.

Change Your Website Theme

To fix low-value content on your website, you also need to change your website theme. Therefore, if you are using WordPress you need to check the best WordPress themes for AdSense approval. And if you are using Blogger, you need to check the Best Blogger Templates for AdSense approval. Update the theme, use a unique color and font size, then re-apply.

Delete Scraped Posts

If you are posting plagiarised content on your blog, you need to remove them from the blog in other to get approved by AdSense. Therefore, you need to check all your posts using the tool Duplichecker.

Duplichecker is a tool that will show you the uniqueness of a post. Therefore, if you check the uniqueness of the post and founds that it’s 100% unique then the post is not scrapped. Thus, there is no need to delete such posts. But, when you check a post and found that it contains 10-15% plagiarism, you need to remove that post from your website in other to get approved.

Increase Your Web Speed

To fix low-value content issues on your website, you need to check your website speed. You can do that by using Google Pagespeed or GT Metrix. If you perform this analysis and find out that your website is below 40%, you need to increase the speed. Therefore, you may like to learn how to increase your website speed.

Add Rich Media To Your Posts

Lack of adding videos, photos, or embedding on your website posts can also cause a low-value content problem. Therefore, all the posts on your website must contain at least one image, video, or embedded media or post.

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Last Verdicts – How To Fix Low-Value Content

Finally, that’s all we have for you on How to Fix Low-Value Content in AdSense. Therefore, if you have any queries about Low-Value Content Content, just let us know in the comment section.

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